DeepCo ROVs

Perform inspections and monitoring of underwater or submerged infrastructure with our remotely operated vehicle ROV. Some applications are:  ports, vessels, and dams structures; protected or unexplored ecosystems , nets or cages for aquaculture and more!.

1. The management of submerged assets

  • In ports we facilitate inspections of hulls, submerged port infrastructure, reducing risks for divers;
  • We extend the useful life of submerged assets through the analysis of historical data collected with ROVs;
  • We strengthen preventive and predictive maintenance tasks, making the analyzed data available to our customers in the cloud.

2. Support the management of ecosystem resources where we facilitate

  • The location of critical points to carry out underwater cleaning days and other monitoring tasks;
  • Measuring variables of the state of the sites we visit, generating valuable information for their conservation;
  • The generation of videos and educational material to encourage the conservation of these environments, in the communities with the greatest impact.

3. Cage fish production (mariculture, aquaculture)

  • Periodic inspections of the network, anchors, and anchor lines;
  • Measurement of variables that allow knowing the health of the fish in the cultivation area;
  • Identification of invasive species.

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